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Apply To Be A Distributor!

Are you reliable, trustworthy and motivated?

Are you available on a monthly basis?

In good health and aged 13 years or above (under 16s supervised by parent/guardian)?

Will you be able to pick up magazines and leaflets from Amersham once a month?

What do you need to know?

• Pick up is usually on the nearest Friday at the turn of each month.

• You will (or an adult where appropriate) need to collect the magazines and leaflets from our facility in Amersham.

• You will have one week to complete your delivery round(s).

• When you finish your delivery round you will need to complete a short report with the link we provide you. This will generate your payment request.

• Once we receive your report and we can see your area is fully tracked we will forward your payment request to our accounts department for payment via bank transfer. WE WILL NOT PAY THE TRACKING BONUS IF YOUR AREA IS NOT TRACKED FULLY.

• If you are on holiday or unable to cover a particular month we will need a minimum of one month’s notice and we will cover your round whilst you are away.

• Each issue of the magazine can be between 32 and 84 pages every month.


•We pay £0.07p per magazine delivered to each home.

• A delivery round can consist of anything between 400 and 1,200 homes.

• Depending on your speed and fitness it is possible to cover approximately 70 – 120 houses per hour: this is also dependent on the area you are covering. For example, if you have 600 magazines to deliver you will earn £42 in total.

• IF you use your own correct mobile phone and track your delivery round fully, we will pay £0.08p per magazine delivered to each home. For example, if you have 600 magazines to deliver you will earn £48 in total.

• In addition to the above payments we also have loose leaflets to insert and deliver with the magazines.

• Leaflets are not guaranteed each month and we pay an extra 0.01p per leaflet inserted. You will need to insert the leaflets in advance before you go out on your round. Although inserting the leaflets takes some preparation time it will save you an enormous amount of time when you are delivering.

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