The Struggle To Find A Local Supplier Is Real

struggle to find a local supplier is real

The Struggle To Find A Local Supplier Is Real

We’re a team of nine here at the Local Directory in Amersham, with most of us spending some considerable time every week on the phones and getting out and about meeting customers and potential advertisers. Lots of our wonderful readers also get in touch to tell us how much they enjoy reading our magazines, which we love to hear!

We get all kinds of feedback from the people we meet about how their businesses are doing, what their competitors (and ours!) are up to, what their customers are saying plus trends and changes in the marketplace.

One thing we’re hearing with increasing frequency in recent months is how people are struggling online to find truly local tradespeople (plumbers, electricians and the like) to help with their many and varied household and workplace issues. It seems many businesses are advertising on search engines such as google but it turns out they are located miles and miles away and then charge premium prices for call-outs which often isn’t clear at the time of booking.

Which is where we come in. Your handy copy of the Local Directory magazine features adverts from genuinely local people who can help you out in a crisis or just for your regular boiler service and so on.

Our readers trust us to help them find out who to call when they need to get someone in so why not give advertising with us a go! Prices start from as little as £50* for an eighth of a page ad and we have a great discount structure available so you can increase your savings the more ads you book.

Get in touch now by calling 01494 72 7000 or email us.

*£50 is the price for an eighth of a page ad in one magazine for one month. Prices exclude VAT.

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