Reasons why it pays to advertise with Local Directory

why choose the local directory for your local advertising needs

Reasons why it pays to advertise with Local Directory

It works
Local Directory publications are very widely read and used by the residents of the area. Almost 60% of our advertisers enjoy long term advertising discounts and appear month after month – because The Local Directory works and generates business for them.

Local Directory publications represents incredible value for money if your target market includes the residents of Amersham, Chesham, Little Chalfont & St. Giles, Berkhamsted, Tring & surrounding areas. Coverage for a whole year (12 issues in one directory) can cost less than six weeks in the local paper!

Local Directory publications are produced to a very high quality of print and production. All artwork is professionally finished to ensure your company image is enhanced and that you are proud to be featured and associated with such high quality publications.

It is truly local
Local Directory publications are produced by a local resident. Most advertisers operate in or close to the area. There is strong evidence that truly local services are preferred by the majority of the population.

Due to the size, content, look and feel of Local Directory publications, they are not thrown away each week like a local newspaper, they will be kept by the majority of households until the next issue arrives. Remember that the Local Directory has been in business for several years and our product is very well established with both residents and advertisers.

Interesting Editorial
All our publications include a number of interesting articles and editorials including puzzles, book reviews, recipe page, kid’s page and editorial of general interest. This editorial ensures our publications are kept in the home by the residents.

Community Board
Another reason why residents keep our publications in the home is our useful numbers page and the content in our community board pages which are completely free for charities and not for profit organisations.  We also ensure we always have an attractive picture on the front cover of each publication so it sits on the coffee table for that little bit longer!

Advertorial opportunities
Advertisers can truly feature their business in their own two page spread. This gives them a depth of coverage that is normally only available at huge expense in other publications.

Additional Distribution
In addition to the number of magazines hand delivered to homes in the area, Local Directory publications are also distributed through selected local outlets such as libraries, restaurants, leisure centres, coffee houses, estate agent, health surgeries & advertiser’s retail outlets.

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