Paradise & Pandemonium: Bach & Milton

Paradise & Pandemonium: Bach & Milton

August 28, 2021

6:45 pm / 8:45 pm

Stuck in the Garden of Eden with an irresistible temptation and the persuasive voice of Satan, Eve is faced with a moral dilemma. Later, the devil is up to the same trickery in an attempt to reduce Jesus to the same humiliating fate. Covering themes of obedience and defiance, virtue and sin, degradation and redemption, Milton forces us to confront life’s biggest dilemmas.

Join us for a dramatic reading of extracts from John Milton’s renowned epic poems Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained, brought to you by two acclaimed British actors (to be announced). The readings will be punctuated by three J.S. Bach cantatas with texts linked to Milton’s themes (BWV 19, 54 and 80).

Jonathan Darbourne is the musical director. Confirmed soloists include James Hall (countertenor) and Nick Pritchard (tenor).

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