Now is Exactly the Right Time to Advertise Locally

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Now is Exactly the Right Time to Advertise Locally

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It’s often been said that marketing budgets are one of the first things to be cut when times are tough as business owners– quite rightly – turn a laser-like focus on their ROI and the bottom line. But removing or reducing your ability to sell just at the time when you need it most is a somewhat counterproductive and short-sighted approach. Especially now.

2020 has seen such massive upheavals for everyone, and it’s safe to say we’re going to be living with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic for months if not years to come. Google UK have recently published their latest Search Trends Report and it makes interesting reading for anyone running a local business.

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Based on Google UK searches over the last 6 months it appears that shopping locally has become very important for UK consumers during 2020. While this may have initially been driven by the necessity to use local services and stores during the national lockdown, it seems that consumers want to continue supporting local trades and business owners for the foreseeable future. Recent studies also show that 43% of consumers believe that local businesses are good for the economy, and 57% of people want to continue spending money locally once all restrictions are lifted.

It appears that the UK are rediscovering the pleasure and convenience of shopping locally. This is good news for anyone running a business that targets a local audience since you have an opportunity to highlight your credentials and contribution to the local community. Local Directory has been the champion of hyper-local marketing since our beginnings in 2006. Our 14 directories are geotargeted, meaning they are posted directly through people’s letterboxes and are read and retained far longer than any other form of local advertising.

Your marketing budget dictates how many people you can reach, so what better way to advertise your products and services than with a local promotion? A campaign in Local Directory means that your brand gets maximum visibility in front of the right people at a time when they are more supportive than ever of local businesses.

Our sales team are experts at finding the right way for you to get the most from Local Directory. We offer free advice about the various options for advertising in our pages and because we are local, we can tell you which of our magazines will reach your ideal target audience. We can even help you with advert design, plus we can distribute your leaflets and flyers, and all our advertisers get a listing in our Online Directory.

People are falling back in love with local again. While things are still far from perfect, we believe its up to local trades and businesses to show how they will continue to serve the local community and what’s around for them to enjoy.

Helen Say
Author: Helen Say

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