Northwood & Moor Park


Northwood & Moor Park


Northwood & Moor Park is the 14th  edition of Local Directory.

Northwood in Middlesex only really came into existence as a village in the nineteenth century. Before that it was first recorded in 1435 as Northwode (meaning “the northern wood”) but only in the context of the nearby parish of Ruislip. It would be several hundred years before Northwood grew out of being a tiny hamlet, the main impacts being the building of the Holy Trinity church in 1854 and the extension of the Metropolitan Railway from Pinner to Rickmansworth in 1887, when a station opened at Northwood.

The coming of the railway opened Northwood up to intense residential development especially in the 1890s. Land in the immediate vicinity of the station was bought up by private developers who then sold off individual plots. The result was a number of large houses in their own grounds being built in a variety of styles, from neo-Georgian to mock-Tudor, hacienda and neo-English baroque.


In the intervening years Northwood has seen the creation of several hospitals (the only surviving one being Mount Vernon), the London School of Theology, and RAF Northwood (now home to the British Armed Forces Permanent Joint Headquarters). Northwood residents can also enjoy the nearby Ruislip Woods Nature Reserve, Ruislip Lido outdoor swimming pool, Eastcote House Gardens and Moor Park Golf Club.


The Northwood Hills public house opposite the tube station is accredited as where Pinner-born Sir Elton John first performed professionally. A picture of the pub appears on one of his album covers. Northwood was also the location of the Goods’ and Leadbetters’ houses and surrounding streets in the popular 1970s sitcom “The Good Life”.


The Northwood & Moor Park edition of Local Directory is distributed to homes in the HA4, HA5 and HA6 postal area which includes:


Moor Park


Northwood Hills


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