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Meet Our Team



A highly driven and ambitious individual with an entrepreneurial flair, so I have been told! 
In my current main business (The Local Directory) nothing gives me greater pleasure than when I receive client feedback on how their business has grown as a direct result of our advertising publications. Advising and helping grow a clients business through all aspects of marketing are my particular forte. 

My working life has always been in the Marketing & Advertising world. From managing large global manufacturers strategic plans for the UK market to assisting a new local start up business, I can create and add value to each client.

The Local Directory Ltd (est. 2006) has experienced a high growth rate in such uncertain economic times. Many local businesses are opting to work with The Local Directory based on the quality and effectiveness of our service as well as a value for money product offering. We have grown from producing and distributing just 3,000 magazines in 2006 to over 123,000 at this current time (and still growing!).

My previous company, Ambience Field Marketing Ltd (est. 2008), was born out of over 20 years experience in this sector. Having experience in both field and agency side has proved to be my greatest asset when advising clients on strategy and implementation of field marketing campaigns and projects.

Through my local networking connections and knowledge and experience gained from running two successful businesses, my expertise also extends to advising and guiding many local businesses and putting business owners in touch with each other.

My background has always been in Accounts & Finance and for many years I kept the “books” up to date for many small businesses with regard to their accounts, PAYE, VAT and general book keeping.

However back in 2006 I was getting a little bored of this and came across an opportunity to start my own little local magazine. Our first issue went out to 3,000 homes in the Amersham area and it has grown ever since. We now produce 14 monthly publications with a distribution of over 123,000 copies per month – hand delivered!

In recession times many advertisers have moved away from yellow pages and similar directories or other more expensive and upmarket magazines and turned their advertising attentions to more local, community based, directories.

We use the word “Directory” very importantly as this is the reason why so many readers keep our little book in their homes until the next one arrives. Although we have plenty of lifestyle reading content and community information in our publications (between 35% – 50%), the reason our publications are retained in the home for longer is simply that it is a business directory and not just a local newspaper or community mag which is very soon recycled once read!