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Locally referred to as ‘The Ivers’, there are three areas in this conurbation, the village of Iver and the residential neighbourhoods of Richings Park and Iver Heath. Settlements date back to the Domesday book in 1086, when the entire area was listed as ‘Evreham’ which translates to ‘homestead by the brow of a hill’.

Iver must have been a thriving village by 1351 when a royal charter was issued to allow a weekly market. There are several notable examples of architecture dating back to the 16th century, and elements of the local church date back to Saxon times.

Iver Heath is the home of Heatherden Hall. This Victorian estate became a private retreat for politicians and diplomats in the 1930s. It stands in the grounds of Pinewood studios and is now used for film sets, offices and as a wedding venue.

Richings Park was once owned by Lord Bathurst, but the mansion was destroyed during World War II after a brief spell as a base for RAF Bomber Command. Richings Park is now a residential neighbourhood with a selection of shops and community facilities.




Langley was its own parish until the 1930’s when it became a suburban area of Slough, lying only two miles east of the town centre. It’s sometimes referred to as Langley Marish, in honour of Christiana de Marecis who held the manor during the reign of King Edward I.

In an area of one and a half square miles, there are many notable historic buildings. Langley Park, is a beautiful grade II listed building in grounds landscaped by Capability Brown. Langley Hall was built in the 17th century and purchased by the government in 2011 to become Langley Hall Primary Academy, one of the country’s first free schools. The Church of St Mary the Virgin houses the Kedermister Library, a rare example of a parish library, complete with the original vellum catalogue dated in 1638.

Langley Airfield was the home of the Hawker Aircraft Company from 1938 until 1958, producing over 9,000 military aircraft. The Ford Motor Company bought the entire site in 1959 and manufactured vehicles there for many years. The site was redeveloped into housing, offices and warehouses, including the International section of Royal Mail which serves nearby Heathrow Airport.

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