Is the printed business directory dead?

yellow directory magazine full of local advertisers

Is the printed business directory dead?

Is the printed business directory dead?

On 1st September 2017 the owners of the UK Yellow Pages directory announced that it is to stop its print run from January 2019. With origins in the UK in 1966, the Yellow Pages has been struggling since it was taken over in 2013 and now seems to have given up on the printed listings market to focus on becoming an entirely digital business.

Some might jump to the conclusion that this news is concerning or even disappointing. But – from where we’re standing and our experience in the industry – we’re in a good place!

The internet isn’t for everyone

The fact remains that over six million people in the UK are not online and have little or no access to the internet. Studies show that people retain information better through interaction with a physical medium, such as leafing through a magazine. Some people are also suspicious of internet search results with the paid or “sponsored” results usually given the most prominence.

Our experience here at the Local Directory is far removed from that of the Yellow Pages. We continue to grow and take great pride in serving the communities within which we operate. After 11 years in the local listings business we think we know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. Unlike the Yellow Pages we were never only about business advertising, our mission has always been to become much more than that.

More than a business listing

Back in 2006 we set out with the single aim to bring local communities and businesses together. In 2017 our 10 editions now cover two counties and over 77,000 households. More than just a business listing, up to 50% of our regular content is editorial. We know from our research that the Local Directory is widely read, used and retained by local residents as a first-class resource for anything community-related, from consumer advice to local news and lifestyle matters, to finding a local trader.

We’ve never claimed to be a Yellow Pages and that’s our core strength. Many people see our hand-delivered publications as an invaluable guide to what’s going on in their neighbourhoods as well as a handy reference tool should the need arise.

Be part of our growing community

For local businesses, our advertising space costs much less than you might think and delivers great value for money. Our distribution is guaranteed so you can be confident that every household will receive a copy, plus we also provide magazines to local libraries, health surgeries and coffee shops.

Just as video never killed the radio star, and e-readers never killed real books, at the Local Directory we don’t believe that the internet has killed printed business listings. Just the opposite, in fact!

For more information about advertising in the Local Directory publications, contact us.

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