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Why should I advertise with The Local Directory?

For most businesses to maintain and/or grow sales there are three key elements required: face to face networking/promotion, digital media, and print media. We are experts in print media and how to get your name and message across to residents and really grow and expand your business.

Where are the magazines distributed?

See our coverage page for our 13 areas and distribution numbers.

How often are magazines delivered?

All publications are monthly and distributed in the first week of each month.

How often can I change my advert?

Monthly if you wish so long as we have new artwork sent to us by the 18th day of each month prior to your advertisement appearing.

How are the magazines delivered?

By hand through the letterboxes of over 110,000 homes and businesses every month.  Each distributor uses a mobile phone tracking app which tracks their delivery round every four seconds!!

What is the circulation of Local Directory magazines?

Total circulation is over 110,000 to local homes plus an additional 6,000 magazines delivered to libraries, coffee shops and health surgeries.

How much does it cost to advertise?

See our pricing page for our pricing and discount packages.  Prices range from £50 to £220 (pre-discount).  All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Can I advertise for one month only?

Yes, no problem.  However, this only works well when you have a dated event you are advertising.  For all other businesses, you really need to do a minimum of four or six months of repeated advertising to get significant traction and increase the number of new customer enquiries you receive.

Do you offer discounts if I want to advertise in multiple areas or long term?

Yes.  See our pricing page for discounts and pricing.  We have 4, 6 and 12-month advertising package discounts with a further discount for going into three or all magazines.

What are the copy deadlines each month?

18th day of each month prior to your advertisement appearing.

Can I switch magazines/areas later within my booking period?

Yes, no problem and there is no charge.

Do I need to provide you with an advert or can you design one for me?

We have a design services available for you.  Full and half page advert design is just £50 plus VAT and a quarter or eighth page ad is just £30 plus VAT.  We will need your company logo electronically (if you have one), your contact details, text for what you would like your ad to say and any images you would like to use.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Most customers are on our direct debit system (Go Cardless).  It’s hassle-free and very easy to set up or cancel.  Direct debits are only set up for your booking period and are not ongoing so there’s no need to remember to cancel it or money being taken by accident!

Other methods of payment we accept are bank transfers, cash, credit card or cheques.

Will I receive a copy of the magazine(s)?

An online link will be emailed to you every month – paper copies available on request.  If you live locally and we distribute to your street, you will get a copy through your door!

Are you able to distribute leaflets?

Yes, with our magazines.  In fact, leaflets in our magazines are more noticed by residents as they are tucked inside our little book.

Is there anywhere I can pick up a copy of Local Directory magazines?

Yes.  In addition to almost every home and business covered locally receiving a copy of their local magazine, we also place our magazines in libraries, health surgeries and coffee shops around the town.  As most residents receive a copy through their front door these magazines are more for people who do not live locally and are passing through or who just want something to read whilst waiting for their appointment or having a coffee.

Can I have editorial space to run with my advert and, if so, do I have to pay for it?

All editorial/advertorial/articles are chargeable.  However, depending on the content of your written piece and the size of your booking we may be able to apply a discount for you.

I haven’t ever advertised before – can anyone give me some advice?

Yes absolutely! Feel free to contact us (or even drop in) and we’d be delighted to share our years of print media wisdom with you.

Aren’t these magazines all ads?

No – far from it! Over a third of our magazine pages are fantastic editorial which we get great feedback from readers on. Features including local community news, walks, celebrity, finance, gardening, health stories and more.

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