Does your chosen print media tick all these boxes?

Does your chosen print media tick all these boxes?

Does your choosen print media tick all the boxes title image

Top Tips for Choosing Where to Place Your Print Ads

Picking the right magazine for advertising your business or product should not be left to chance. You need to optimise every penny of your marketing budget and get your brand name in front of exactly the right potential customers. Advertising in local publications is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels as you can target a specific demographic and geographic area.

Whatever publication you choose to advertise in, it MUST have the best chance of being Received, Read & Retained by residents to achieve the maximum level of quality sales enquiries.

  • Distribution:  Any distribution of a magazine less than 7,000 per area will not produce a good rate of new enquiries.  Many local magazines only print 3,000 – 5,000 magazines per area which simply does not get the same level of cut-through.
  • Letterbox deliveries are an absolute must. To get your advert seen it is crucial the magazines are delivered directly through most letterboxes in each town or village.  A magazine that is mainly left at pick-up points is leaving too much to chance.
  • Tracking of magazines is essential.  You’ll sleep easier at night knowing all magazines have been fully tracked and verified as delivered through the door.
  • Proof of print runs – some companies do not print the number of magazines they promise to distribute! So it’s important to get evidence of their claims.
  • A5 formats fit easily through letterboxes and are also easy to pop into a handbag.  A4 formats are quite unwieldy and often too big to fit through a letterbox without being damaged.
  • Lifestyle & Community-focused magazines with editorial content are read and retained for longer.  Local newspapers and magazines are usually recycled within 3 – 5 days.
  • Directory magazines with well-organised business listings tend to be retained for longer “just in case I need it”. Having a presence in these magazines also shows that you’re engaging with your local community.
  • Evaluate Value for money – divide the number of copies delivered by the cost of your advertising to get a pence-per-drop figure and the true value for money reflection/comparison.

How does your current print media company stack up? 

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Do you they cover all the above points?

Local Directory Magazine guarantees every one of the above points and – most importantly – guarantees tracked distribution.  Our magazines are truly hyper local and have a far higher, concentrated penetration to ensure your brand is placed in front of as many householders as possible.  All of our 14 local editions target high net worth, affluent areas.  We continually strive to ensure our clients receive the maximum return on investment for their advertising budgets. 

Contact our expert Sales Team today for more information:

Tel: 01494 72 7000 – Sales Email: info@localdirectoryltd.co.uk

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