Applying To Be A Distributor

What You Need To Know!

Please note that this job requires time and effort for good rewards.  Should any magazines be dumped or not delivered we WILL be able to tell from our tracking app and you will NOT be paid. 


At Local Directory we print and distribute over 144,000 magazines each month across 17 towns and villages.


  1. Amersham – Amersham on the Hill, Hyde Heath, Chesham Bois, Old Amersham, Coleshill, Winchmore Hill & Penn St.
  2. Beaconsfield – Old & New Beaconsfield, Holtspur, Forty Green, Knotty Green, Seer Green, Jordans, Penn & Tylers Green.
  3. Berkhamsted – Berkhamsted, Northchurch, Shrublands, Kingshill, Castle Village & Sunnyside
  4. Bourne End & Wooburns – Bourne End, Well End, The Wooburns, Flackwell Heath & Loudwater.
  5. Burnham & Villages – Burnham, Lent, Lent Rise, Britwell, Taplow, Taplow Riverside, Fishery and Bray
  6. Chesham – Chesham, Lye Green, Waterside, Lower Bois, Chartridge, Ashley Green & Ley Hill.
  7. Denham & Harefield – New Denham, Denham Village, Denham Green, Higher Denham, Willowbank, Bakers Wood, Tatling End, South Harefield, Harefield, Maple Cross & Uxbridge
  8. Gerrards Cross & Farnhams Gerrards Cross, Farnham Royal & Common, Fulmer, Stoke Poges, Hedgerley and Wexham.
  9. Kings LangleyKings Langley, Apsley, Nash Mills, Bennetts End, Bovingdon, Felden, Flaunden and Chipperfield.
  10. Iver & LangleyIver Village, Iver Heath, Thorney, Langley & Richings Park
  11. Marlow & Cookham – Marlow, Marlow Bottom, Cookham & Cookham Dean.
  12. Missenden & Hazlemere – Great & Little Missenden, Great & Little Kingshill, Prestwood, Hazlemere & Holmer Green.
  13. Northwood & Moor Park (launching Autumn 2020) – Northwood, Moor Park, Eastbury & Northwood Hills.
  14. Rickmansworth & Chorleywood – Rickmansworth, Loudwater, Moneyhill, Carpenters Wood, Chorleywood, Chorleywood Common & Chorleywood Bottom.
  15. The Chalfonts – Chalfont St. Peter, Chalfont St. Giles, Little Chalfont & Three Households.
  16. Tring – Tring, Wigginton, Marsworth, Long Marston, Wilstone, Aldbury, Pitstone & Ivinghoe.
  17. Wendover – Wendover, Weston Turville, Halton, Aston Clinton, Buckland and Stoke Mandeville.
Distributors Information Pack – Terms & Conditions

In order to apply for a delivery round please note the following:
• Comply to these terms and conditions/rules.
• Be able to pick up magazines and leaflets from Amersham once a month.
• You (and any helpers) will need an Android or Apple smart phone.
• For instructions on how to download and use the app see https://localdirectoryltd.co.uk/trackingapp/
• You will need to be registered on our system in order to get your log in details when allocated to a round.
• Reliable, trustworthy and motivated.
• In good health and aged 13 years or above (under 18s supervised by parent/guardian).
• There is no upper age restriction (our oldest distributor is over 70!).
We provide a distribution route map detailing the area to be covered and a trolley or bag (subject to availability). Please note:
• Pick up is usually on the nearest Wednesday/Thursday nearest to the turn of each month.
• You will receive an email in advance each month to confirm your availability.
• You will have a minimum of 4 days (inc a weekend) to complete your delivery round(s). The ultimate success of the
magazine depends on it being delivered to all areas in a timely and correct manner.
• Each issue of the magazine can be between 32 and 88 pages every month.

Payments & Compliance
  • • We pay £0.07p per magazine delivered to each home (i.e. £7 per 100)
    • A delivery round can consist of anything between 400 and 1,200 homes.
    • Depending on your speed, fitness and area being covered, it is possible to cover approx. 70 – 120 houses per hour.
    • For example, if you have 600 magazines to deliver you will earn £42 in total.
    • Using your own smartphone & if you track your delivery round fully with no delivery complaints, we will pay £0.09p per
    magazine delivered to each home (i.e. £9 per 100). For example with 600 magazines to deliver you will earn £54 in total.
    • In addition to the above payments we also have loose leaflets to insert and deliver with the magazines.
    • Leaflets are not guaranteed each month and we pay an extra £0.01p per leaflet inserted. (i.e. £1 per 100)
    • You will need to insert the leaflets in advance before you go out on your round.
    • Inserting the leaflets takes preparation time, but it will save an enormous amount of time when you are delivering.
    • Once we receive your completion report and area is fully tracked and there have been no complaints, we will pay you via
    bank transfer. Payments will be run on the 15th and 30th of each month or the next working day.
    • If we have continual issues with your deliveries, complaints or tracking, we will dispense with your services.
    • An excessive number of magazines or leaflets left over must be returned to our office before payment.
    • We need any returns & your report at least 2 working days prior to the payment dates each month.
    • If you are not doing future delivery rounds you will need to return your trolley before payment is made.
Notice & Holiday
      • Once you have an established round but do not wish to continue, we will require one month’s notice.
        • If you are on holiday or unable to cover a particular month, we will need a minimum of one month’s notice. We will
        cover your round whilst you are away.
        • If you are unable to deliver for any reason (illness, bad weather etc.) please let us know immediately. If out of hours call
        our mobile.
        PLEASE NOTE: Most of our advertisers and their friends and family live in the areas you are distributing to, and they expect to receive
        the magazines/leaflets each month. If we find that the magazine has not been distributed correctly, we will seek to recover any
        payments made. This also applies if we find any magazines dumped and not distributed.
Do’s & Don’ts
  • • It is a good idea to plan your route before you deliver for the most efficient route. For example, deliver on one side of the
    road and then the other. Don’t zig zag across the road as that does take longer.
    • Take your map with you and tick off each road as you complete your deliveries.
    • Complete the round fully – deliver to ALL letterboxes in your round, including any businesses as well as homes.
    • Always be polite and courteous at all times when representing Local Directory.
    • Be respectful of all properties you visit. Do not walk across gardens (use paths), shut all gates/porches behind you.
    • Ensure magazines are pushed FULLY though letterboxes and not left hanging out. (this is our number one complaint from
    • Look out for mailboxes – use these rather than letterboxes (only a small number of houses).
    • Leave your trolley on the path/street and do not take it up and down every driveway.
    • Post only 1 copy PER letterbox.
    • Do not take any pets with you on your round.
    • Only deliver to flats if you have regular access to each letterbox every month. If you do cover flats on a regular basis, you
    must deliver to each letterbox. Do not leave magazines or leaflets in any communal areas (if you do not have regular
    access to flats on your round do not deliver to these flats and you inform us).
    • Do not use excessive force to post the magazine through the letterbox.
    • Do not leave a magazine on a doorstep, doormat, fence or wall which will be exposed to outdoor weather conditions.
    Keep magazines and leaflets safe and dry at all times.
    • If a house states on their front door “No junk mail, no community mags, no circulars, no free papers or no leaflets etc.”
    do NOT put a magazine through their door.
    • If there is no letterbox or it is not accessible do not leave any magazines or leaflets.
    • If someone refuses the magazine or does not want it for whatever reason, please do not give them one.
Be Safe
  • Don’t forget to take your mobile phone with you.
    • Ensure another adult knows when you are going out to undertake distribution. Leave a copy of the distribution route at
    home so they know where you are going. Give an estimated time of return.
    • If you encounter any verbal abuse or feel unsafe when making deliveries, leave the area immediately and return to a safe
    location (e.g. home, shop). Report any abuse to us, your parents if applicable and/or police if appropriate.
    • NEVER enter anyone’s home for ANY reason at all.
    • If you cannot find the front door/letter box do NOT go around the back of the house (just make a note that you had
    problems at that location).
    • Do not accept any offers of help from anyone, especially from people you do not know. Never get into a car with anyone
    (even if they are offering to help).
    • Please deliver during reasonable daylight hours where possible, preferably between the hours of 9am and 7pm. Please
    DO NOT deliver outside of these hours.
    • Avoid shortcuts through woods and wastelands. Never deliver in the dark and if dusk is approaching ensure you have
    appropriate light reflective clothing.
    • All houses should be accessible from the pathway.
    • Do not use bicycles, skateboards or wear roller blades when delivering the magazines.
    • Take extra care when crossing roads and ensure that you cross in safe places.
    • Do not wear headphones when delivering as this makes it difficult to hear cars when crossing roads.
    • Never carry more magazines than you feel comfortable with. We would recommend the use of a trolley which we can
    supply if required to transport magazines (available on request and subject to availability).
    • Never run when making deliveries.
Covid 19 Safety Information

Please adhere to the following Health and Safety guidelines:

  • Wash hands immediately before and after work, keeping them sanitised regularly.
  • Wear gloves if you prefer, but they must be disposed of prior to re-entering your home.
  • If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitiser gel with at least 60% alcohol content, and rub into your hands for at least 20 seconds to ensure full coverage.
  • Do not touch your face when on the delivery round. Use a face mask if you feel necessary.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing, dispose of tissues immediately.
  • Maintain the 2-metre distance between you and any other person you meet while out delivering.


There is an increasing number of Ring Doorbells (or similar devices) used for home security at each doorstep.  The main area of concern is the touching of your face, especially around the mouth and nose area.  Apparently, statics tell us the average person touches their face on average 26 times per hour without knowing it!  This is a worry for us all and we ask that you be careful when delivering by not putting a magazine near your face when approaching each residents’ homes and keep your hands sanitised regularly.  Please do wear a mask if you find you cannot avoid touching your face regularly.

Please be aware of your actions and/or what you may say at doorstep as these doorbells record both sound and video and can be reviewed by the house owner at any time. This behaviour also includes not lingering/loitering at a doorstep, closing gates and not walking over the resident’s grass/property.

Health & Safety Guidelines For Lifting & Delivering

WHAT IS A GOOD HANDLING TECHNIQUE?                                  

Stop and Think

  • Think before doing anything. Should you be doing the task at all? How heavy is the load? Where is it going? Can or should you carry it on your own? If you are going to lift a long vertical distance, e.g. from floor to shoulder, can you rest mid-way through the lift?

Stand Close

  • Stand as close as possible to the load, placing the feet slightly apart to give a stable base. The leading leg should be placed as far forward as is comfortable.

Bend the Knees

  • A good posture should be adopted by bending the knees and keeping the back straight. Do not however bend the knees too fully or kneel as this will reduce lifting power. The bend should be such that the hands when gripping the load are as near to waist level as possible.

Grip the Load Firmly

  • A secure grip is essential, and a hook grip is less tiring than keeping the fingers straight. Where a change of grip is necessary it should be made as smoothly as possible.

Lift Smoothly

  • Raising the head, the lift should be as smooth as possible and fully controlled. Lift with the legs, maintaining good momentum, leverage and balance.

Move the Feet

  • If a turning movement is necessary, keep the back straight and avoid twisting movements.

Keep the Load Close

  • Make the load part of the body by holding it as close as possible for as long as possible. Where a close approach to the load is not practicable try to slide it towards you before attempting to lift. Where this is not possible (e.g. unloading from the boot of a car) stand as close as possible. Bend the knees if possible and if not, brace the body by pressing the knees against a solid object. Bend at the hips keeping the head and back in a straight line. Lift gradually, using legs, buttocks and stomach muscles.

Place the Load with Care

  • Put the load down first on the edge of a surface.
Safe Moving and Handling Image 1
Safe Moving and Handling Image 2
Safe Moving and Handling Image 3