5 No-Cost or Low-Cost Ways

5 no-cost or low-cost ways to grow your business

5 No-Cost or Low-Cost Ways


5 No-Cost or Low-Cost “Evergreen” Ways to Get Your Business in Front of Your Customers

5 no-cost or low-cost ways to grow your business

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We know too well that running a business can be all-consuming, but one of the key activities you must undertake is advertising. Marketing trends tend to come and go, but it’s important to have a plan so that you’re not tempted to hop on and off any promotional bandwagons without considering if it’s the right vehicle for you. Here we list the 5 best “evergreen” marketing tactics to include in your plan that will serve your business well, year in, year out.

Use Local Print Advertising & Leaflet Distribution
As much as digital media has changed the way we market, print advertising is still in demand as the best way to put your business name in your customers’ hands. Print adverts are more trusted and have better recall than online ads, and we know our copies of Local Directory are often kept by our target households for several weeks, if not months! This is because we publish the perfect balance between editorial, local community information and local business advertising. Our advertising rates are less than you might think, so give us a call to find out how we can help you promote your business.

Get Customer Reviews & Testimonials
According to research conducted by Advantec in 2017, a whopping 91% of buyers will read customer reviews before making a decision to purchase. Make a habit of asking for feedback from satisfied customers. And when you receive a good customer testimonial then you should publish it in as many places as possible: your website, your social media channels and your print adverts. Word-of-mouth marketing may be a relatively old-fashioned method, but with so many people habitually using the internet these days, it’s rapidly reviving as the way to get your business known and – more importantly – recommended.

Perfect Your “Elevator Pitch”
Can you describe your business proposition in 60 seconds or less? If not then start practising! Sometimes known as the “Elevator Pitch” – where you are hypothetically in a lift with a prospective customer and you have a tiny window of opportunity to “sell” them on your idea or business – it’s a fantastic way to construct the ideal “sound bite that sells”. Your challenge is to get your name, your brand, your key product and a tag-line articulated in a few short sentences. Don’t worry, most business owners struggle to find the perfect form of words at first. But practice makes perfect and it’s a great way to promote your business powerfully and concisely at every opportunity.

Be a Regular at Networking Events
Put on your best smile, stock up on business cards and get out and about at as many local networking events as you can. Business networking can take many forms, from a very precise structure with a pre-booking requirement and strict agenda, to just showing up at the door on the day. You may need to attend a few different ones to find the format that suits you and the type of businesses that drive the best connections, so just search online for “business networking events near me” (or in a location of your choice). Once you’ve attended a few on a regular basis you will usually be offered the chance to make a short presentation or speech about your business, which is a brilliant way to promote yourself!

Get Listed on Google My Business
Google My Business is often overlooked as a marketing channel but it’s a free and surprisingly easy way to get your name in front of a local audience. Approximately 30% of UK Google searches have a local element to them, and search engines are getting slicker at only showing search results in the user’s locality. To make sure your business appears in the local listings, register for Google My Business. There’s a validation process to go through but it’s entirely free, and if you post fresh content on your Google My Business page regularly, you will increase your chances of being found on Google maps.

For more advice about advertising your business locally, please call us on 01494 72 7000 or email us.

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