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Five Reasons and Ways to Support your Local Businesses this Christmas

Buy Something Unique

We all know how easy it is to shop online or to head to the nearest department store. But the likelihood of finding something special is small. By digging a little deeper, and heading to your local shops, independents, etc you could find an absolute gem – and potentially you’ll also be saving yourself some money.

Get a More Personal Service

Shopping face to face with the business owner is such a better experience; you can make sure you have the right size, you can check availability, see what the options are. You’ll also be able to witness that you are making a huge difference to their business by spending those few pennies.

Visit Christmas Craft Fairs and Markets

There’s some sort of Christmas craft fair in every village and town nowadays. Each one with small businesses, great products and a friendly service. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the community and give something back – as well as find something a little bit different for your loved ones.

From delicious food to enjoy over the festive season to discovering amazing handmade gifts. Search online for local businesses, see when the next Christmas fair is or head to town to discover something new.

Make time for Farmer’s Markets

There’s nothing like delicious local produce! Whether it’s the turkey you are pre-ordering from a local farm, some veg for your Christmas dinner or a glass of mulled wine at the stand on the edge of the High Street. There’s a whole range of feast to be found – especially if you like the taste of ‘home made’ but you don’t actually want to make it at home!

Book a Christmas Night Out

Try to support your local restaurants and think of those waiting staff or chefs all making the most of this busy time of year and looking forward to your tips! So much better to support the local ones than the chains.  Don’t forget to give them feedback – tweet pictures, instagram your cocktail, share a review – it all makes a huge difference to them.

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