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Local Directory Guide to Choosing Adverts and not Leaflets

The question of whether to do a loose leaflet door-drop or place adverts in our magazines is quite simple.

A loose leaflet door-drop will produce a one off instant hit on the day they are delivered.  But this can be quite costly as there is the cost of the leaflet drop itself as well as well as the cost of designing and printing the leaflet. 

Also due to cash flow the cost of a leaflet drop can be prohibitive to some businesses as it can be a large single outlay.

An alternative is placing a series of adverts in our magazines. The price of a one off leaflet drop can buy as many as 4 monthly adverts in one of our magazines and as this is paid monthly this can help with cashflow. This is known in marketing as drip, drip effect, and will help build a brand over a longer period of time.

In general we would only recommend a leaflet drop for big announcements, one off events, fast food menus, or when a business really needs a big influx of work in a short space of time. Adverts in the magazines will have more of a trickle effect which is more sustainable for most businesses.

At Local Directory we offer all customers an opportunity to have a meeting to discuss their overall marketing strategy, not just in print media.

Our team has been in marketing for over 25 years and can help and advise on most aspects. The three fundamental areas of marketing that the majority of businesses should consider is

  • Networking and face to face marketing (see our guide here)
  • Word of mouth: crucial and can be costly and time consuming but the payback is usually very good.
  • Digital marketing: website to showcase your company is the bare minimum but social media, search engine optimisation, email marketing, blogs etc are all worth considering.

The majority of business will need to do some form of print media at some point. 

Whether it’s a local newspaper, a leaflet drop, a high end glossy magazine or a local community magazine; they need to get their business in front of their target audience. Print media is often the most effective way to do this.

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