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A Better Scout Hut for Britain’s Oldest and Largest Scout Groups

Formed in 1923, 2nd Amersham on the Hill Scout Group is one of the oldest and largest scout groups in the UK. They run beaver colonies, cub packs, scout troops and an explorer unit for children and teenagers, both boys and girls, from ages 6 to 18.

With 280 current members and 158 on the waiting list there is a need for more adult leaders and bigger and better facilities!

This will be the biggest investment in youth in Amersham, or even in the county, for over half a century. Youth have, and still receive, bad press, but by providing outstanding facilities and investing in their futures this will give youngsters a sense of purpose and opportunity. 

The current hall is just over 50 years old and much has changed in building standards over that time; its green credentials, space layout, current usage needs, car parking and access all need to improve.

The new premises will consist of two halls and shared facilities – one smaller hall and a large hall that can be divided into two which will potentially enable three activities to run simultaneously. A large car park will be available to avoid the need to park on the road, with improved access that is wider and less steep.

Inside the new premises there will be modern catering facilities, safer access to storage facilities for camping equipment, and toilet and washing facilities for the field. The building will embrace modern energy-efficient heating and lighting, whilst improving its green credentials with improved installations.

The purchase of the field adjacent to the hut two years ago has enabled was the first step towards a bigger picture. This space is now available for playing and camping

A lot of thought has been given to the building layout to serve the scouts to ensure it is a community facility giving to the next generation as the group in 1964 invested in the scouts until now. Back then this hall was built following the fire that destroyed the original scout hut. Butt Amersham has grown substantially over the last five decades and its community facilities are largely the same. This new development will mean that the current growing waiting list of young people wanting to experience scouting, a very high demand on beavers and cub scout places and the inability to accommodate more than one activity at a time can all be solved.

The Timeline 

The Scout Group will be starting the build in August 2019, with a grand opening ceremony to follow in July 2020. 

The fundraising 

2nd Amersham on the Hill Scout Group have launched a fundraising appeal to fund the new Scout Hall. 

The fundraising target is £2.2m – a big number, but the end facilities will reflect the investment. 

The fundraising has started positively following the gracious support of Scouting families, friends and the local community – but, the Scout Group still need your full support. 

The Entertainer, the local toy retailer which Headquarters is based in Amersham, has started off the fundraising campaign with an opening donation of £250,000. 

A private Trust has offered a further £600,000 providing the Scout Group can raise the matched funding from families, friends and the local community. 

The Scout Group cannot achieve this alone, please talk to them about how you can be involved.

Their fundraising page is open – you can make a one-off donation or set up a Direct Debit.

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