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Top Performing Schools in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

Before we know it, Summer will be coming to an end and Autumn will arrive – and that means that children and young people will be heading into their new academic year. 

If you’re a parent of a child in their last year of primary education then this also means that you’ll be looking at league tables and Ofsted inspection reports to give you an idea of where they should go next. 

Here to help you is The Local Directory guide to the top performing schools in Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire and when and where you might attend some of their Open Days.

In the most recent reports in January 2019, Beaconsfield High School came out as the highest-ranking school in Buckinghamshire and Yavneh College, a Jewish secondary school in Borehamwood, as the top in Hertfordshire after achieving a strong score in the Progress 8 measure.

Progress 8 measures how much progress pupils at a school made between the end of key stage 2 based on their Year 6 SATs scores and the end of Key Stage 4 based on GCSE results in up to 8 subjects including English, maths, sciences, computer science, history, geography and languages, and three other additional approved qualifications. These grades are compared to pupils across England who got similar results at the end of key stage 2. [Source: The School Run]

Dr Challoner’s High School and Aylesbury High School also performed well, as well as Watford Grammar School for Girls and Loreto College in St Albans.

Although you are unable to apply for a secondary school place until your son or daughter is in year 6, parents of Year 5 children can attend open days to get them familiar with the option ahead.

Grammar schools should be considered in year 5 so you can make an early decision on your child sitting the 11+. This means you have some preparation time for additional tuition if needed.

Before you make decisions take into account distance and transport routes. Many will base admission criteria on the distance between home and school. Priority’s given to siblings. You’ll find an admission policy and prospectus on most school websites.

Here is our top list of 20 schools for consideration, they link though to their next open days where applicable.


1. Beaconsfield High School (Progress 8 score: 1.21)

2. Dr Challoner’s High School (1.14)

3. Aylesbury High School (0.98)

4. Chesham Grammar School (0.94)

5. Aylesbury Grammar School (0.91)

6. Dr Challoner’s Grammar School (0.85)

7. Wycombe High School (0.76)

8. Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School (0.74)

9. Waddesdon Church of England School (0.72)

10. Cressex Community School (0.68)


1. Yavneh College (Progress 8 score: 1.27)

2. Watford Grammar School for Girls (1.02)

3. Loreto College (0.89)

4. Dame Alice Owen’s School (0.87)

5. St Albans Girls’ School (0.86)

6. Beaumont School (0.84)

7. St George’s School (0.83)

8. Hockerill Anglo-European College (0.79)

9. Sandringham School (0.78)

10. The Hertfordshire & Essex High School and Science College (0.77)

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